nixpkgs / dozenal - Programs doz --- a converter; converts decimal numbers into dozenal. Accepts input in standard or exponential notation (i.e., "1492.2" or "1.4922e3"). dec --- a converter; converts dozenal numbers into decimal. Accepts input in standard or exponential notation (i.e., "X44;4" or "X;444e2"). dozword --- converts a dozenal number (integers only) into words, according to the Pendlebury system. dozdc --- a full-featured scientific calculator which works in the dozenal base. RPN command line. tgmconv --- a converter for all standard measurements; converts to and from TGM, Imperial, customary, and SI metric. dozpret --- a pretty-printer for dozenal numbers; inserts spacing (or other characters) as desired, and can also transform transdecimal digits from 'X' to 'E' into any character or sequence of characters desired. dozdate --- a more-or-less drop-in replacement for GNU and BSD date, it outputs the date and time in dozenal, as well as containing some TGM extensions. dozstring --- a simple byte converter; absorbs a string either from standard input or a command line argument, leaving it identical but for the numbers, which it converts into dozenal. Options for padding and for not converting specific numbers. doman --- a converter which takes a dozenal integer and emits its equivalent in a non-place-value system, such as Roman numerals. Arbitrary ranks and symbols may be used. Defaults to dozenal Roman numerals.

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License - GPL-3.0

Maintainers - Charles Huyghues-Despointes


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