nixpkgs / btar - Tar-compatible block-based archiver

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License - GPL-3.0-or-later

Maintainers - LluĂ­s Batlle i Rossell


1.1.1 (expand/collapse)
From commit 019fc2d0 to 00460bd6
1.0.1 (expand/collapse)
From commit 049c38a9 to 049c38a9
1.1.1 (expand/collapse)
From commit 04661ec8 to 03228d60
1.0.1 (expand/collapse)
From commit 0332f87a to 02e6a689
0.9.2 (expand/collapse)
From commit 0005cc8e to 0781e671
0.9.1 (expand/collapse)
From commit 05880a4a to 05d92999