nixpkgs / auto-multiple-choice - Create, manage and mark multiple-choice questionnaires. auto-multiple-choice features automated or manual formatting with LaTeX, shuffling of questions and answers and automated marking using Optical Mark Recognition. Questionnaires can be created using either a very simple text syntax, AMC-TXT, or LaTeX. In the latter case, your TeXLive installation must be combined with this package. This can be done in configuration.nix as follows: <screen> … environment.systemPackages = with pkgs; [ auto-multiple-choice (texlive.combine { inherit (pkgs.texlive) scheme-full; extra = { pkgs = [ auto-multiple-choice ]; }; }) ]; </screen> For usage instructions, see documentation at the project's homepage.

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License - GPL-2.0-or-later

Maintainers - Thibault Polge


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From commit 06708435 to 00460bd6