nixpkgs / aefs - A cryptographic filesystem implemented in userspace using FUSE

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License - GPL-2.0

Maintainers - Eelco Dolstra


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0.4pre259-8843b7c (expand/collapse)
From commit 06960473 to 00460bd6
0.3pre288 (expand/collapse)
From commit 01d9831f to 063b03b6
0.3pre285 (expand/collapse)
From commit 05a530fd to 05a530fd
0.3pre288 (expand/collapse)
From commit 05e7655d to 06a34e58
0.3pre287 (expand/collapse)
From commit 0003f76f to 0159787b
0.3pre285 (expand/collapse)
From commit 073d3fb8 to 03c08712
0.3pre279 (expand/collapse)
From commit 062308aa to 05596b8b